Traffic Exchanges (T.E.’s) by Ad Credits Per Minute

Wouldn’t you like to know which Traffic Exchanges give you the best return on your time before you Join? I know I would have!

Some T.E.’s might list their Surf Ratio’s (such as 3:1. 4:3 or 1:1) but I haven’t yet found one that comes right out and tells you the base “Maximum Ad View Credits Per Minute of Surfing” you can achieve as a free member. I am calling that “A.C.P.M.” I would just Call it CPM, but in this field that already means “Cost Per Thousand” ad views.

I am not counting into the equation any bonuses you might get from “Games”, “Contests”, “Upgrade Bonuses”, “Commando Surfing” or anything else except your straight Credit Per Minute earnings.

Some things I have trouble deciding on are like: is a 1:1 Ratio on a 10 second timer the same as a 2:1 Ratio on a 5 second timer? Are “Ad View Second Credits” such as TS25 and TrafficEra use equivalent? And if they are equivalent then is 10 Seconds of Ad View Credits equivalent to a 10 second 1:1 Ratio 10 second timer view?

Anyway, these ratings are just straight numbers (For Now) that just mean “how Many times can my Ad be seen for every minute I surf”?

These are mostly Traffic Exchanges I belong to that are also members of T.E. Command Post because it makes it easier to keep track of things on a daily basis.

Traffic Exchanges Listed by Ad Credits Per Minute (ACPM)

Free ACPM = 15

1-1 Hits

Free ACPM = 12+

Surf Boss

Free ACPM = 10

Boot Scootin Traffic

Free ACPM = 10

Pistol Packing Mama

Free ACPM = ? / Lifetime ACPM = 7.5

Actual Hits 4U

Free ACPM = 5

Traffic At The Races

Free ACPM = 5


Free ACPM = 5 / Super Zaney ACPM = 12

Zaney Clicks

Free ACPM = 4.95(?) / Enterprize ACPM = 18

Tezzers Traffic Power

Free ACPM = 4.29

Elevated Traffic

Free ACPM = 4.29

Just Good Traffic

Free ACPM = 4

Splash Wave

Free ACPM = 3.9

Red Stag Hits

Free ACPM = 3.75 / Gold ACPM = 15

Hungry For Hits

Free ACPM = 3.75

Rain Forest Clicks

Free ACPM = 3.75

Sakura Traffic

Free ACPM = 3.75

Squirly Traffic

Free ACPM = 3.75

Wizard Of Hits

Free ACPM = 3.5

Farm Traffic

Free ACPM = 3.49


Free ACPM = 3.43

Hot Flash Hits

Free ACPM = 3.3


Free ACPM = 3.3

Traffic Splash

Free ACPM = 3

Easy Hits 4 U

Free ACPM = 3 / Lifetime Gold ACPM = 12

HercuList + “The Zone”

Free ACPM = 3


Free ACPM = 3

SWAT Traffic

Free ACPM = 3

Traffic Pirate Hits

Free ACPM = 3


Free ACPM = 2.83+

SurfAholics TE

Free ACPM = 2.63+

Traffic Speedway

Free ACPM = 2.55

Dragon Surf

Free ACPM = 2.55


Free ACPM = 2.55

Traffic Corps

Free ACPM = 2.48

TE Search

Free ACPM = 2.2

Mustang Traffic

Free ACPM = 1.98

Surfing With The Oldies

Free ACPM = ? / Super Hand = 3.5

You 2 Surf

Free ACPM = N/A task based credits


Free ACPM = N/A uses View Seconds


Free ACPM = N/A uses View Seconds


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