HitsVooDoo T.E. Review

HitsVoodoo is a fairly new T.E. with only 642 members. It is based on the “LFMTE Script” a commercial script written by the same guys who’s pictures you see on many sites like “Traffic-Splash”

They went all out it seems and got most, if not all, of the bells and whistles for the site.

The games like Hangman and Memory Match payout multiples of credits more than your normal T.E. It is normal for me to finish a memory Match game with 60 or 80 extra credits so unlike most sites it is worth my time to stop and play the games.

The surfing itself is fairly easy even as a free member the ratio was 2:1 with an 8 second timer.

If you are into Chatting (believe it or not, I’m not) they have both the Internal “HitsVooDoo” and the Cross T.E. “LFMTE” chat tabs so you can make friends even if they are not surfing the same T.E. as you.

As for promotions they have at least 2 “Cross Promotions” a day listed on their events calendar where you get extra credit bonuses by surfing 2 or more sites together. They also have Team Surfing and Competitions.

What I don’t like;

1. They do not participate in “Commando Surf“.

2. I hate the graphics on the site, but they are 100% user friendly and don’t give me a headache to look at…

3. That they are kind of small (642 members) so the unique hits will not be high, on the other hand, they will know my ads better and will be more likely to join a program after they are familiar with my offers.

What I like;

1. The Credit turnover rate.

As a free member I only had 4 sites I could list and they still used 1000+/- credits a day show my sites off.

I now am a Gold Member and I get to list 20 sites and no matter how many credits I earn they clear those every night.

2. Amazingly, I like their games!

When I spend 3 minutes playing a game at most sites I earn about 3-6 credits. At HitsVooDoo I earn at least 50 credits for the same 3 minutes.

3. The readability of the graphics,

I’m getting older and while I still have better than 20/20 visions my reading vision is the same as anyone my age, so if I don’t want to use reading glasses (and I don’t) I need clearly different images to click on.

4. The price of the upgrades and the Payment methods offered.

I have the highest level of upgrade and I got it for $5.00 a month (Black Friday sale) or I could have gotten an entire year for $48. But even at normal prices I would have only paid $7.95/$69.

They take and payout with Paypal, Skrill, Zelle and Coinpayments.

5. The Cross Promotions.

They have a clearly marked Calendar with at least 2 cross promotions every day. For those who don’t know, a cross promotion is like “surf 75 sites at each of these 2 T.E.’s and get and extra 75 credits (on top of your surfer rewards).

The Calendar means I don’t have to worry about missing an email announcing it and I can PLAN my surfing far ahead of time instead of just Day-by-Day.

6. That they are relatively small so it is kind of like getting in on the ground level with referrals, most people don’t know about them and most people have never seen ads for them!

My Recommendation;

Well lets face it I’ve said before I wouldn’t review a site I didn’t like overall, and I tend to be picky so..

8/10 for price, delivery, surfing speed and ease of use.

Whether you are a part time surfer who surfs 10 hours a week or someone like me who’s daily goal is close to 15K credits I think there is a place in your surfing portfolio for this.

If you are shooting for 5,000+ credits a day in your total surfing portfolio you will definitely want to upgrade to “Gold” because it is easier on your budget (you had better have a budget) than most sites while still giving you 20 sites to list and a surfing ratio that will average better than 1:2 when you count the surfing bonuses.

My Link if you want to join my downline:


My biases:

I only put up with sites that are not 1:1 ratios for free members because they have become so dominant in the last 20 years you can’t find many that have 1:1 surfing ratio enough to meet my surfing needs.

Generally I don’t like gamification most of the time because the games use up resources (like time, bandwidth and CPU) without giving you a good ROI.

I like simple, easy to understand interfaces and graphics.

Note for examples of what I do like you can use TrafficAdBar as an example if you think of it (as I do) with the bonuses every 25 pages as your 1:1 ratio earnings and the points as your bonuses. BTW as a “PRO” TAB member who is always in the top 100 or better, I average over 1:11 and I am considering the extra $20 a month to become a Platinum Member which if I am right should boost me over 1:20

  • Howdy Mike, I really enjoyed your review. I always like to hear what is working and what needs improvement. We are growing steadily and I believe we have the greatest members. Our surfing stats rival some sites with 1000’s of members. I am after quality more than quantity. This is my first site and I am doing all the graphics and everything else learning as I go. Your input is much appreciated and i hope to hear more from you..
    BTW Mike, Commando is in the works.
    Thanks, Chris (hitsvoodoo owner)

    Chris Deffenbaugh

    December 8, 2019

  • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Chris!

    I am planning on doing a YouTube walkthrough of HitsVooDoo and embedding it in this review and I will mention your plans as I go, I really want hope the games come up while I am doing it because I want to show my readers what I mean by the games are worth stopping for!

    As a free member your site kept up with my level of surfing just fine as an upgraded member it doesn’t, BUT, I didn’t expect it to either.

    Right now I haven’t seriously surfed Hits VooDoo in a couple of days and in rough numbers I have about 2000 unused credits (across the 10 links I am using at the moment) sitting in my account, on the other hand in the last 10 days you have delivered over 3000 hits!

    At the $5 a month level I am comfortable with that. I just login and check the credits every day or so as I decide what I am surfing that day. If you were Traffic AdBar where I pay $39.95 +tax a month I expect 7000-10,000 hits a day across 10 links, but I also surf them every day.

    Anyway, I like your site, (I wish I could say I like the graphics) and for the Price Point I feel you deliver a lot of value to your users!

    Michael Kelly

    P.S. how did you find your review?


    December 8, 2019

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