Why A Lifetime Gold Membership at HungryForHits.com?

This is not a review!

The review is a separate issue, this is my personal reasoning for Upgrading to a Lifetime Gold for $149.

Starting the research for the reviews I am writing did have the effect of highlighting some of the advantages of HungryForHits.com, so it did affect the decision, but the two things have different criteria. This a lot more emotionally weighted than the reviews will be.


My 6th Lifetime Upgrade – HungryForHits.com Lifetime Gold upgrade $149….

So I took the plunge after being a member for 6 months and a Gold Member for 3 months. I Actively tested the Gold Membership for the Last 6 weeks with 10 URL’s and I found out that HungryForHits.com can deliver almost 2000 ad views per month with 10 URL’s,.

The Gold Membership includes 100 URL Slots, 100 Banner Slots, 100 Text Ad Slots, etc. It also comes with 10 Ad Rotators and allows you to add 10 items to your downline builder. oh and other things like a blog and to be able to email your downline.

So it has what I need as far as space and capabilities, but how do you keep your URL’s in Credits?

I figured out that without the Game Bonuses which make up at least 30% of your total credit earnings (and at times as much as $1 of game earnings in single a 10 hour day) I can , and have earned over 20,000 credits in 2, 10 hour days of Surfing.

How do I do it? First thing is to use Commando Surf obviously on Sundays when I get a 100% surf bonus, but also on Tuesdays when HungryForHits takes 2 seconds off of my 4 second timer and I get a 10% bonus.

It gets better! HungryForHits uses a dynamic Surf Ratio that for Gold Members starts out at 1:1. That surf ratio I’ve seen go up to 1:1.4 without any Game increases.

On a normal day I get an extra 10% for the Commando Bonus (you have to click TrafficEra and Traffic-Splash once every 5-7 minutes to keep the Commando Surf going.) When I pass 1000 Clicks (like 2000 + seconds later) I can get my extra 100 Credit Surfer Rewards.

I think the last thing that made me decide was that I fell VICTIM of Relationship Marketing!

You see, I started using the chat window and the first day someone signed up to MY personal T.E. I just mentioned that I had one because I wanted to make sure Klara was okay with me having a Network Rotator on her site (it sends users to my T.E. to view my members sites) . Some sites are okay with it, other are not, TAB for instance doesn’t allow ME to do it.

Anyway, I Mentioned Mikes Links on chat and someone went into my Profile, found the link and joined up (and they are actually an ACTIVE member) so I went back into chat the next day and after a while I got to Know Klara, then I got to Like Klara and finally I got to Trust Klara…

So I have about IDK say 14 referrals on HungryForHits.com and I trust Klara to keep the site going strong for at least the 15 months when I break even. I had the $149 so I wouldn’t be in debt and being just about able to make (in Cash earnings from the games) the entire amount of the Lifetime Membership back in the same 15 months I didn’t really have a choice!

If you want to be in my downline at HungryForHits.com

If you want to join my brand new Traffic Exchange, Mikes Links 

Thanks for Reading,
Michael Kelly – AKA – VedeViatorSum

Listing Traffic Exchange Upgrades

We all want to work less and do more.

Upgrades are a way of doing more by paying for better surf ratio’s, getting a set amount of credits automatically delivered for you every month and getting more advertising slots so you can advertise more programs.

If you have a regular income and some basic discipline Upgrading can be a great option. For just a couple hundred dollars a month you can have as much as 50,000 ad views a month delivered to your programs and surf ratio’s that will allow you to earn another 450,000 using all your spare time.

The key is to know what you are buying ahead of time and how you will use your advertising once you get it.

1-1 Hits

No Review Yet

Account LevelFree$5 CkubGoldPlatinumDiamondDouble Diamond
Surf Ratio1:11:11:11:11:11:1
Surf Timer Seconds 433 3 22
30% 30%40%50%60%100%
Monthly Credits050001000200040009000
Banners050001000 2000 4000 9000
Square Banners050001000 2000 4000 9000
Text Ads050001000 2000 4000 9000
Referral Commissions 30% 100%40%50%60%100%
PriceFree$5 a month $6 a month / $69 a year $12 a month / $129 a year $24 a month / $259 a year $48 a month / $499 a year

The $5 Club!

Do you want to make $5 every month from your referrals?All you have to do is purchase this package for $5 a month and when your referrals make this purchase, the $5 will go to you. The idea here is to give you the opportunity to have a steady stream of income.

I have made this package very easy to purchase so you can start making 5 bucks every month per referral who upgrades.

You are getting:

5,000 Credits
5,000 banners
5,000 square banners
5,000 Text Ad Credits
1:1 surfing ratio with a 3 second timer

The reason

The reason you are getting lots of credits for so little is so you can have enough to give away to your prospects. You can create a splash page offering them 500 credits, 500 banners, 500 square banners, and 500 text ads just for joining you. That’s in addition to the 300 credits 1-1Hits is going to give them. You can tell them this is a $10 value or whatever value you want to say. People love free stuff and they will love you for it. Once you create your splash page then you need to advertise it like there is no tomorrow.

All you have to do is send traffic to your page and the rest will happen automatically!

You will earn the $5 from your referrals only if you purchase this package. If not, you mill miss out so, upgrade before they do.

Actual Hits 4U

No Review Yet

I am a Lifetime Member so I no longer have access to the other upgrade levels.

When you find an acceptable QUALITY Traffic Exchange and you have the chance and the is right ALWAYS buy LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS. The price shouldn’t be more than 2x the price of the top yearly upgrade for the site and you can usually get one for about 75% of the price of one if you watch for sales!

ActualHits4u Lifetime Membership

This is the one I have!Lifetime Membership
Surf Timer4 Seconds
Surf Ratio2:1
Monthly Credits1000
Monthly Banners1000
Monthly Text Ads1000
1st LVL Commissions35%
2nd LVL Commissions 15%
Lifetime Cost$99

Boot Scootin Traffic

No Review Yet

Free Brad Paisley Willie Nelson George Strait Johnny Cash
Dynamic Surf Ratio 2:15:41:11:1.251:1.5
Second Timer 33333
Credits Per Month 030075015003000
Banner Credits Per Month 030075015003000
Text Impressions Per Month 030075015003000
Commissions On Referral Purchases ?%20%30%40%50%
Commissions on Referral OTO Purchases ?%5%10%15%20%
Banner Or Text Impressions Per Credit 1015202530%
Add up to Sites/Banners/Text ads 5/?/?10/15/1520/30/3030/40/4050/50/50
CostFree$2.97 a month / $29.97 a year $4.97 a month / $49.97 a year $9.97 a month / $99.97 a year $14.97 a month / $149.97 a year

Dragon Surf

No Review Yet

Hatchling / Free Young Dragon Legendary Dragon
Surf Ratio 3:15:31:1
Surf Timer 864
Max Websites 31020
Max Banners?2030
Max Text Ads?2030
Credits Per Month 02501000
Banner Credits Per Month 05001500
Text Impressions Per Month 05001500
Referral’s Surf Credits ?10%20%
Direct Referral Purchase Commissions?35%35%
Your Promo Wall can be shown on Admin Promo WallNoYesYes

Easy Hits 4 U

No Review Yet

Membership features FREE PREMIUM ULTIMATE
Signup bonusUp to 2500 bonus creditsUp to 5000 bonus credits
Monthly bonus credits 500 credits 1000 credits
Monthly banner impressions 2000 banner impressions 5000 banner impressions
Monthly text ad impressions 2500 text ad impressions 5000 text ad impressions
1:1 exchange ratio on 20 second timer 15 second timer 10 second timer
Geo targeting 2:1 1:1 1:1
Earn credits from your referrals 5% 15% 20%
More traffic to your sites yes yes
The chance to win bonus Start Page yes
Extra bonus credits and impressions with the Rewards Program 2-4% extra 4-6% extra
Number of active links 5 10 50
Number of custom splash pages 33 100
Number of rotators 12100
Number of sites in each rotator 1020100
Converting credits into banner impressions 1:25 1:35 1:50
Converting credits into text ad impressions 1:50 1:751:90
Cost$0 / month $7.95 / month $19.95 / month

Elevated Traffic

No Review Yet

FreeElevated Jr Elevated Pro Elevated Supreme
Surfing Ratio 2:1 4:3 1:11.5:1
Surf Timer 7654
Monthly Credits 0200500800
Monthly Credits 0100015002500
Monthly Credits 0100015002500
Commissions on 1st level Referral Purchases ?30%40%50%
Random Referrals nononoyes
Play VTG Faster nonoyesyes
CostFree$3.99 a month$6.99 a month$9.99 a month

Farm Traffic

No Review Yet

FreeBarnyard Foreman Field Foreman Wrangler
Surf Ratio 3:21:11:1
Timer Seconds655
Ad credits month 3007503000
Banner impressions a month 3007503000
Text impressions a month 3007503000
Max sites101530
Max banners101530
Max texts 101530
Rotators 3510
Regular or OTO Commissions 20%30%35%
Referral credit percentage 10%10%15%
Auto Assign %50%25%0%
Cost$7.97 month / $72 year$14.97 month / $118 year$24 month


No Review Yet

Free Viral Team Associate Viral Team Pro Viral Team Leader
Surf ratio 5:31:11:1
Surf timer 643
Max Websites 102040
Max Banner Ads 202060
Max Text links 203060
Page View Credits added monthly 25010002500
Banner Ad Impressions added monthly 50015005000
Bonus Text Ad Impressions added monthly 50015005000
Credits from Referral’s Surf Activity 10%20%25%
Commissions on direct referral purchases 35%35%35%
Promo Wall can be shown on Admin Promo WallYesYesYes
Cost$4.97 month / $49 year $9.97 month / $99 year $14.97 month / $149 year


Review Link –> HitsVoodoo T.E. <–

FreeVTG GamerSilverGold
Surfing Ratio2:13:24:31:1
Surf Timer8 sec5 sec4 sec3 sec
Dynamic Surf Ratioyes yes yes yes
Ad Views per Credit1111
Banner Imps per Credit10152030
Text Imps per Credit 15203040
Max Number of Sites481220
Max Number of Banners481220
Max Number of Text Ads481220
Auto Assign Minimum80%60%40%0%
Referral Surfing Credits2%4%6%8%
Transfer Credits to DownlineYes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum/Maximum Transfer 10/10010/25010/50010/1000
Monthly Credit Bonus0100250500
Monthly Banner Bonus 02505002000
Monthly Text Ad Bonus060010003000
Commissions (Ref. Purchases) 10%20%30%40%
Commissions (OTO’s, Specials)5%10%15%20%
Random ReferralsNo No No Yes
Payout Threshold$20$15$10$10
VTG Surf League Bonus0%30%40%50%
VTG Page Frequency22-2416-1812-1510-12
Cost$0$3.48 month / $8.98 quarter / $29.98 year$5.48 month / $13.98 quarter / $49.98$7.48 month / $19.48 quarter / $69.98

Hot Flash Hits

No Review Yet

Hot Flash BasicHot Flash Pro
Surf Ratio5:44:3
Surf Timer 7 second 5 second
Ad Credits Monthly0500
Banner Credits Monthly 01000
Text Credits Monthly 01000
Websites5 sites15 sites
Referral Surf Credits 5%10%
Surfing RewardsYes Yes
Dynamic Surf Ratio Yes Yes
Affiliate Commissions50%50%
Random Referrals No Yes
Admin Rotator Advertising No Yes
Membership Powerups No Yes
CostFree$5.97 month / $65.67 year

Hungry For Hits

No Review Yet

Set it and Forget it! Try the “Super Advertiser” upgrade at Hungry For Hits !

   Free Member    Silver Member    Gold Member    Super Advertiser  
Surf timer8 seconds6 seconds4 secondsNo surfing required,
unlimited advertising 
Credits per click0.50.71
 Credits from referrals 5%7%10%10%
Number of sites52510025
Number of banners52510025
Number of square banners52510025
Number of text ads52510025
Auto assign5025%0%0%
Email downline14 days7 days5 days3 days
Page CreatorYesYesYesYes
Custom top 10 splashYesYesYesYes
Rebranded linksYesYesYesYes
Random referralsNoNoYesYes
Remove rotator frameNoNoYesYes
Add to downline builderNo5 sites10 sites20 sites
Bonus credits/monthNoUp to 750Up to 1500Unlimited
VTG display frequency25-3020-2515-2015-20
VTG tournament bonus0%40%50%50%
Price:Free$5 a month / $50 a year$10 a month / $99 a year$40 a month $295 a year

Just Good Traffic

No Review Yet

Bronze (free)SilverGold
Surf Ratio2:14:31:1
Surf Timer864
Website Ads51015
Banner Ads51015
Text Ads51015
Monthly Website Credits0250500
Monthly Banner Credits 0250 500
Monthly Text Credits 0250 500
Referral Credit %101520
Cost$0$4 Month /
$37 a Year
$7 Month /
$47 Year

Mustang Traffic

No Review Yet

Surf Timer Seconds963
Surf Ratio3:1 1:1 1:1.5
Monthly Credits030005000
Monthly Banners030005000
Monthly Text Ads030005000
Referral Credits:025%50%
Commissions and OTOs10%20%30%
Auto Assign 90%60%25%
CostFREE$5.00 Month / $60.00 Year$9.00 Month / $108.00 Year

Pistol Packing Mama

No Review Yet

FREELittle BritchesBelle StarCalamity JaneAnnie Oakley
Dynamic Surf Ratio2:15:41:11:1.251:1.5
Second Timer33333
Credits Per Month30075015003000
Banner Credits Per Month300 750 1500 3000
Text Impressions Per Month300 750 1500 3000
Commissions On Referral Purchases?20%30%40%50%
Commissions on Referral OTO Purchases?5%10%15%20%
Banner Or Text Impressions Per Credit1015202530
Max Sites510203050
Max Banners 515304050
Max Text ads 515304050
CostFREE$2.97 month / $29.97 year$4.97 month / $49.97 year $9.97 month / $99.97 yea $14.97 month / $149.97 yea

Rain Forest Clicks

No Review Yet

Surf Timer 8654
Surf Ratio 2:14:31:11:1
1 Credits = Impression5101520
Max Sites 3101520
Max Banners3101520
Max Text Ads3101520
Max Square Banners3101520
Max Peel Ad3101520
Bonus Credits 3101520
Bonus Banner05007501000
Bonus Sq Banner05007501000
Bonus Text Ad05007501000
Bonus Peel Ad05007501000
Max Rotators 1123
Max Trackers 351015
1st Lvl Surfing5%10%15%20%
2nd Lvl  Surfing0%5%10%15%
Commissions020% 20% 20%
Yearly Cost (no monthly listing)Free $53.99 $71.99 $89.99

Red Stag Hits

No Review Yet

Stag (Free) Red Stag Monarch
Surf Ratio 2:13:2 1:1
Surf Timer 885
Auto Assign 80%80%50%
Max Websites 3525
Max Banners ?5 25
Max Texts ?5 25
Max Sq Banners ?5 25
Credit = Imps 1=51=101=25
Monthly Credits  02501000
Monthly Banners 02501500
Monthly Text 02501500
Monthly Sq Banner 02501500
Referral Surfing Commissions ?10%15%
Referral Purchase Commissions ?0%25%
CostFree$7.88 month / $78.88 year$9.88 month / $98.88 Year


No Review Yet

Surfing Ratio 3:11:12:1
Second Timer 632
Max Sites4155
Max Banners?10?
Max Text Ads?10?
Monthly Site Credits0800200
Monthly Banners Credits 01000200
Monthly Text Ads Credits 01000200
Commissions on Referral Purchases 10%25%15%
Commissions on Referral OTO Purchases 10%10%10%
Credits from Referrals Surfing 1%3%3%
VTG shown every40-60 Pages 20-30 Pages 30-40 Pages
VTG Extra Points030%10%
CostFree$8.00 a month / $60.00 yearAvailable on O.T.O ?

Sakura Traffic

No Review Yet

Surfing Ratio 5:35:31:11:1
Second Surf Timer 8764
Bonus Credits per Month 00501000
Banner Ad Credits per Month 0002500
Max Sites ??50250
Max Banners ??50250
Commissions on Referral Purchases ?15%25%40%
Random Referrals NoNoNoYes
Cost$0$3.50 Month / $27.00 Year$5.95 Month / $47.00 Year$12.95 Month / $97.00 Year

Splash Wave

No Review Yet

Basic (free) MembershipPro Membership
Surf Ratio 4:3
Timer Seconds5
Max Sites 15
Max Banners 15
Max Text Ads15
Referral Surfing Credits10%
Monthly Ad Credits500
Monthly Banner Credits1000
Monthly Text Ad Credits1000
Advertising In Admin Rotator Yes
Membership Power Ups Yes
Auto Assign Minimum70%
CostFree$3.97 month / $43.67 Year

Squirly Traffic

No Review Yet

Surf Boss

No Review Yet

SurfAholics TE

No Review Yet

Surfing With The Oldies

No Review Yet

SWAT Traffic

No Review Yet

TE Search

No Review Yet

Tezzers Traffic Power

No Review Yet

Traffic At The Races

No Review Yet

Traffic Corps

No Review Yet

Traffic Pirate Hits

No Review Yet

Traffic Speedway

No Review Yet


No Review Yet


No Review Yet


No Review Yet


No Review Yet


No Review Yet


No Review Yet

Wizard Of Hits

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You 2 Surf

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Zaney Clicks

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Can this Canadian Save the World?

My experience with Jordan Peterson.

I’ve been watching Jordan Peterson for about 4 years and he definitely has his mental problems. As the majority of people who are attracted to Psychology and Psychiatry are initially attracted to it to be able to understand themselves I Believe Jordan Peterson is also trying to understand himself.

Thistle may be the Official Flower of Scotland but to most of us it is an invasive weed that once established is extremely hard to keep from spreading.

What another shrink trying to tell people how to live?

There is a difference between the worthless idiots was happen to get their PHD or MD and Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson goes far beyond standard techniques and medications. Yes, he is well grounded in Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Pavlov and others. His knowledge extends beyond the entire “Great Books of the Western World” into the knowledge of the present with a modern understanding of the problems and issues of today.

Humble seeds like these are the reason that the first villages were able to form.

Why is Jordan Peterson Important

To me Jordan Peterson is trying to spread ideas that used to be Common but have somewhere been lost in the last 50 years. He espouses ideas and ways of life based on Responsibility over their corresponding Rights because responsibilities make rights possible. Responsibilities make life worth living, rights make living possible and manners, how should you behave in your life AND why! In the years that I have been paying attention to Jordan Peterson I don’t remember a time that he said anything I’ve known to be untrue (very humbling for me).

What I think

I believe that this video is well worth the time (1:25:45) to watch, it will definitely give us all new ideas on how to become better people every time we watch it.

Why Review People?

Most of us are important in our own ways, WE ARE THE RIFF RAFF. Riff Raff protects the pillars of society from being undermined by the flood waters of society. The Pillars of Society in turn protect and provide for the Riff Raff in a Suzerain-Vassal relationship. Good or bad they guide us as if they were our parents.

Once in a while, maybe 1/10,000,00 have a chance or correcting the course of history before before it enters the 5th stage of Empire, the decadent stage as Rome did leading to it’s fall.

The USA is at such a point where it could go either way and with the fortunes of the USA go the fortunes of the world (which is why more people outside of the US have such strong opinion about the US and try to sway it with their choices and propaganda.

I Believe Jordan Peterson, even though he is Canadian could be a 1/10,000,000 person who could make a change.

There are other people I have noticed such as Representative “dan Crenshaw” from Texas (Navy-Seal-Eye-Patch-Guy) and Trey Gowdy was probably the most fair honest Lawyer there ever was, but now is off the world stage.

What do I get out of it?

Maybe someone will watch this and strive to become a better person. Maybe that person is me, or you and Maybe this time it is more than a “New Years Resolution”.

Maybe this video gives you the hope you so desperately need. But I am trying to do my part in changing the world for the better, no matter how small, the lime light isn’t for me anymore but TRYING to do good is the least I demand of myself.

Maybe if an ad interests you you will click it while you are here and I will make another 2¢…

Reviews to tell the truth, not to recruit newbie marketers!

Tired of being lied to? Me too! If program is good I’ll tell you, if it’s bad I’ll say that also. Good or bad I tell you why, either way it’s just my opinion no more valid than yours, but maybe I’ll look closer!