Can this Canadian Save the World?

My experience with Jordan Peterson.

I’ve been watching Jordan Peterson for about 4 years and he definitely has his mental problems. As the majority of people who are attracted to Psychology and Psychiatry are initially attracted to it to be able to understand themselves I Believe Jordan Peterson is also trying to understand himself.

Thistle may be the Official Flower of Scotland but to most of us it is an invasive weed that once established is extremely hard to keep from spreading.

What another shrink trying to tell people how to live?

There is a difference between the worthless idiots was happen to get their PHD or MD and Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson goes far beyond standard techniques and medications. Yes, he is well grounded in Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Pavlov and others. His knowledge extends beyond the entire “Great Books of the Western World” into the knowledge of the present with a modern understanding of the problems and issues of today.

Humble seeds like these are the reason that the first villages were able to form.

Why is Jordan Peterson Important

To me Jordan Peterson is trying to spread ideas that used to be Common but have somewhere been lost in the last 50 years. He espouses ideas and ways of life based on Responsibility over their corresponding Rights because responsibilities make rights possible. Responsibilities make life worth living, rights make living possible and manners, how should you behave in your life AND why! In the years that I have been paying attention to Jordan Peterson I don’t remember a time that he said anything I’ve known to be untrue (very humbling for me).

What I think

I believe that this video is well worth the time (1:25:45) to watch, it will definitely give us all new ideas on how to become better people every time we watch it.

Why Review People?

Most of us are important in our own ways, WE ARE THE RIFF RAFF. Riff Raff protects the pillars of society from being undermined by the flood waters of society. The Pillars of Society in turn protect and provide for the Riff Raff in a Suzerain-Vassal relationship. Good or bad they guide us as if they were our parents.

Once in a while, maybe 1/10,000,00 have a chance or correcting the course of history before before it enters the 5th stage of Empire, the decadent stage as Rome did leading to it’s fall.

The USA is at such a point where it could go either way and with the fortunes of the USA go the fortunes of the world (which is why more people outside of the US have such strong opinion about the US and try to sway it with their choices and propaganda.

I Believe Jordan Peterson, even though he is Canadian could be a 1/10,000,000 person who could make a change.

There are other people I have noticed such as Representative “dan Crenshaw” from Texas (Navy-Seal-Eye-Patch-Guy) and Trey Gowdy was probably the most fair honest Lawyer there ever was, but now is off the world stage.

What do I get out of it?

Maybe someone will watch this and strive to become a better person. Maybe that person is me, or you and Maybe this time it is more than a “New Years Resolution”.

Maybe this video gives you the hope you so desperately need. But I am trying to do my part in changing the world for the better, no matter how small, the lime light isn’t for me anymore but TRYING to do good is the least I demand of myself.

Maybe if an ad interests you you will click it while you are here and I will make another 2¢…

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