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Why A Lifetime Gold Membership at

This is not a review!

The review is a separate issue, this is my personal reasoning for Upgrading to a Lifetime Gold for $149.

Starting the research for the reviews I am writing did have the effect of highlighting some of the advantages of, so it did affect the decision, but the two things have different criteria. This a lot more emotionally weighted than the reviews will be.

My 6th Lifetime Upgrade – Lifetime Gold upgrade $149….

So I took the plunge after being a member for 6 months and a Gold Member for 3 months. I Actively tested the Gold Membership for the Last 6 weeks with 10 URL’s and I found out that can deliver almost 2000 ad views per month with 10 URL’s,.

The Gold Membership includes 100 URL Slots, 100 Banner Slots, 100 Text Ad Slots, etc. It also comes with 10 Ad Rotators and allows you to add 10 items to your downline builder. oh and other things like a blog and to be able to email your downline.

So it has what I need as far as space and capabilities, but how do you keep your URL’s in Credits?

I figured out that without the Game Bonuses which make up at least 30% of your total credit earnings (and at times as much as $1 of game earnings in single a 10 hour day) I can , and have earned over 20,000 credits in 2, 10 hour days of Surfing.

How do I do it? First thing is to use Commando Surf obviously on Sundays when I get a 100% surf bonus, but also on Tuesdays when HungryForHits takes 2 seconds off of my 4 second timer and I get a 10% bonus.

It gets better! HungryForHits uses a dynamic Surf Ratio that for Gold Members starts out at 1:1. That surf ratio I’ve seen go up to 1:1.4 without any Game increases.

On a normal day I get an extra 10% for the Commando Bonus (you have to click TrafficEra and Traffic-Splash once every 5-7 minutes to keep the Commando Surf going.) When I pass 1000 Clicks (like 2000 + seconds later) I can get my extra 100 Credit Surfer Rewards.

I think the last thing that made me decide was that I fell VICTIM of Relationship Marketing!

You see, I started using the chat window and the first day someone signed up to MY personal T.E. I just mentioned that I had one because I wanted to make sure Klara was okay with me having a Network Rotator on her site (it sends users to my T.E. to view my members sites) . Some sites are okay with it, other are not, TAB for instance doesn’t allow ME to do it.

Anyway, I Mentioned Mikes Links on chat and someone went into my Profile, found the link and joined up (and they are actually an ACTIVE member) so I went back into chat the next day and after a while I got to Know Klara, then I got to Like Klara and finally I got to Trust Klara…

So I have about IDK say 14 referrals on and I trust Klara to keep the site going strong for at least the 15 months when I break even. I had the $149 so I wouldn’t be in debt and being just about able to make (in Cash earnings from the games) the entire amount of the Lifetime Membership back in the same 15 months I didn’t really have a choice!

If you want to be in my downline at

If you want to join my brand new Traffic Exchange, Mikes Links 

Thanks for Reading,
Michael Kelly – AKA – VedeViatorSum